My review of Flixbus

Flixbus is one of the largest bus service in Europe connecting different countries and cities. And to add to it it is one of the most affordable and cheap ways to travel if you are on a budget. So while travelling I often used Flixbus services. So I have listed down some pointers which I feel will help you guys while trying to book its services.


  1. You can book a Flixbus ticket via its website and need to show your e-ticket while boarding.
  2. Always remember to carry your passport as the bus driver will check it before he allows you to board it.
  3. There is no assigned seat system in Flixbus. So if you wish to have a best seat please be there before time. Don’t ask me I nearly missed mine while trying to catch a bus from Paris to Munich.
  4. There are water bottles and some munchies available with the bus driver. Since I was in a rush I didnt had time to purchase even a water bottle and I thought I will literally die of thirst in my 14 hour journey. But thankfully I went and asked the driver while the bus halted mid way and he had water bottles which costed me somewhat 1.50 euro
  5. The seats are quite comfortable and you can recline and doze off pretty much like in an aircraft. In fact you need to put on a seat belt also so that you don’t fall off in long distance travel.
  6. There is also a toilet in the bus available in case you need to answer nature’s call. However I didn’t dare to venture in it since i generally avoid public loos unless it is paid.
  7. The biggest plus point is you get wi-fi access inside the bus yay! but it is limited and the speed is not that great.
  8. The minus point is if its a long haul journey you may have to face unruly passengers who will not comply with your seat recline and all but then take it with a pinch of salt.
  9. Also in the middle of the night you may be awaken with the smell of the munchies the passenger in front of you is nibbling on.
  10. There is space for luggage inside also pretty much like an aircraft and the big luggage and trolley bags you need to keep it in the luggage bay inside the bus before you board.
  11. There is ample leg room space and a tray fitted in the front seat for your coffee and food which you will like to have it.
  12. For short distance travel the bus will be competitively small and with no toilet access. for ex in my journey from Munich to Salzburg which was approximately 3 hours the bus was a regular sized bus unlike the double decker which I took from Paris to Munich.
  13. If you are in Double Decker bus always take the upper berth. The amazing views which you will get are worth seeing specially the morning sunrise views across the horizon. Worth making memories for a lifetime!

So the good question is whether I will suggest Flixbus and will take it the next time? The answer is definitely yes as it is comfortable and cheap unless you wish to spend more money in airfare and running short of time!




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