Ten Things you should do In Zagreb!


The capital city of Croatia is a delight in itself and full of vibrancy. The city itself comes alive in night with its rows of cafes and bistros and above all very friendly people. When I say friendly I mean one of the most helpful people I cam across in Europe. So here the 10 down points which I believe you should try if you are in Zagreb

You can enter Zagreb with a Schengan visa although Croatia is still not part of European Union.

  1. Try visit the Dolac market or the Farmer’s market in Zagreb for fresh produce of local fruits and vegetables. This market has been in vogue since the 1930’s
  2. Zagreb has a host of museums but the most noted which you should try for its quirkiness is the Museum of Broken Relationships and House of Horrors. It contains memorabilia including letters from jilted lovers. The second one as the name suggests has exhibits relating to punishments of the medieval times till the World Wars
  3. Try the local transport of Trams instead of Cabs. Its cheap and gives you better access
  4. Visit the famed St.Mark’s Church in Zagreb it looks even beautiful when the lights come up
  5. Sit in a local bistro or cafe till the wee hours of the night. This is a city which never sleeps and some even have live music playing from the top. The nightlife is worth it
  6. Try local Croatian breakfast their eggs and ham are the best

    Croatian breakfast!
  7. Take a day trip to Plitvice lakes and Samobor
  8. Visit the famed square of Trg Ban Jelacic and sit and watch the world pass by. This is the meeting point of all locals and houses lot of shopping arcades
  9. Zagreb is a city for strolling. So explore the city by walking on cobblestone paths
  10. And last but not the least if you become tired you can relax on its numerous parks Maksmir Park and Park Ribnjak.. Bon Voyage!
  11. IMG20180731123718


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