What should be in Your Makeup Bag while You Travel

Ok Girls we all know we love to travel and we all love to click that perfect selfie. But often times our Makeup Bag eats up more than you can chew. And my mantra is always travel light but also travel stylish. So here are some tips which I hope will help my fellow travellers

  1. Always opt for mini sizes instead of the full bottles. The next time you visit a hotel or resort and instead of throwing away the complimentary toiletries after using you can reuse the bottles for filling your favourite shampoo, bath oil, moisturiser etc
  2. The basic CTM(Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising ) is a must. Since you are prone to dirt and grime while travelling, never forget to cleanse and tone your face before retiring for the night.
  3. Ditch the foundation, primer and other makeup stuff from your bag. Instead opt for tinted moisturiser or BB creams. It will provide moisturisation plus will provide coverage for you skin.
  4. A good quality compact with a mirror is a must in your bag. Choose one nearest to your skin shade.
  5. Opt for a good Kajal that can team up as an Eyeliner. Last time in Paris my eyeliner got lost and it was my Kajal which teamed up as both. Use the one with thin pencil so that you can go bold as well minimal.
  6. Instead of the entire eye palette, go for dual eyeshadows in neutral colours like beige, brown, or pale pink. You don’t want to look like a Barbie doll in bright colours.
  7. Sunscreen is an absolute must. Before stepping out for the day apply generously sunscreen on your exposed parts. Even if you are travelling to cold climates you still need to apply as there are high chances of sunburn and skin darkening. Reapply every 3-4 hours.
  8. Must I mention the Mascara for those flutter eyelashes? You know it better!
  9. Don’t carry you facial kits and skin packs to add to your luggage. Take sheet masks. A 20 min sheet mask will work wonders for your skin plus it is so thin that can be stored with ease.
  10. Avoid contouring, rather go for soft blush in pink or cinnamon to add a healthy glow.
  11. Go for tinted lipbalms which can heal and repair your lips as well as add some colour to it. A red lipstick is a must for those evenings out
  12. And yes always carry a dry shampoo for emergency when you cannot wash your hair.

Hope these tips come handy for all those gorgeous ladies out there. If yes, do share your views and comments with me! Keep travelling stylish!

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