Get Lost in the Lanes of Venice

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Venice needs no introduction. One of the most coveted cities by the sea, it is a must have on every travelers list. This beautiful city of Canals has a mystic feel which will take you back to the times of Renaissance. The city which was once the hotbed of trade and commerce during the times of Renaissance was also made famous historically by the imfamed Casanova.

I caught the train from Naples to Venice which took me a good five hours. I got down at Venezia St.Lucia station and took the water bus to my hotel. (Yes that the beauty inside Venice its all water water everywhere). The streets of Venice were low lit giving it an air of mystery. After getting down at my particular stop with my luggage I moved towards my hotel and I must admit I did get lost in the lanes. After settling down in the hotel I made my way to explore the streets of Venice. Low lit restaurants by the side with candle lit dinners was very romantic. I walked from bridge to bridge exploring the Grand Canal. The best party of Venice is if you can walk the best way to explore the city is via walking. After relishing my drinks and dinner in a roadside bistro I wind up my day.

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The next day I made my way to St.Mark’s Square which is the principal square of Venice. I had a wonderful Italian lunch by the seaside of the Adriatic as I sipped on the wine. From there I made way to the St. Mark’s Basilica which is the most important church in Venice. The Church is a wonderful combination of Byzantine architecture and as the church bells rang the city was transformed into a beautiful landscape in the evening. The Doge’s Palace is also in the vicinity and so is the famed Piazza San Marco. The Piazza San Marco has also lot of shopping arcades and the Bell Tower. Fans of Assassin’s Creed can very well relate to it. (I am and I could feel every scene coming alive in front of my eyes) 

No trip to Venice is complete without shopping for its famed masks. My only wish is that I come back here someday again during the time of carnival. Another thing which I found amazing in this city is the music with lot of concerts and music flowing. You can also visit Galleria di Academia for some Venetian paintings. And don’t forget the Gelato! Enjoy it with relish if you are in Venice.

So here the takeaways from my short trip to Venice. My only regret is I wished I got to spend time more

  1. While travelling to Venice it is better to take a backpack than trolley bags because you will have to walk over bridges and steps throughout the city.
  2. Enjoy Venice at your own pace rather than hob mobbing around. Venice is a city that is enjoyed at a slow pace. Get lost in the streets!
  3. Don’t forget to get masks as souvenir’s
  4. Gondola Rides are very costly and will burn a hole in the pocket.
  5. Water Bus mode is slow so if you have to go somewhere plan well in advance. Ask me I was going to nearly miss my flight.
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2 thoughts on “Get Lost in the Lanes of Venice

  1. That u have taken your trips solo is itself enough to make a reader interested, the takeaway points of every trip, the captivating narrations are icing on the cake..waiting for the next episodes..


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