Mamma Mia! Food that you must try in Italy

The entire region of Italy is famous not only for its scenic locales and the Tuscan sun but also for its awesome food that has become synonymous with the palate of everyone. Although I had my fair share of instant pasta but no one can beat the taste of authentic cuisine and that too made from fresh produce. The Italians take pride in their food as one of my Italian friend remarked “Food is love”. So here are the some food that I tried and found awesome in Italy

Pizza: Hands down! The original dish which made Italian cuisine a worldwide name and made us google about the country. Made on a flat bread and topped with loads of fresh farm cheese the best one is the Neapolitan Pizza which originated from Naples. I asked one chef as what makes this pizza so interesting the answer came that the tomatoes used are grown on the volcanic plains of Mt Vesuvius which gives its distinct flavor. I also tried the Quatro Formaggio more popularly known as the Four cheese Pizza. The best pizza is made by hand which gives its uneven shape. Its quite heavy but to have liquid cheese melting down…aah divine!

Pizza formaggio

Pasta Carbonara: A classic spaghetti dish, made with egg, bacon and cooked in white wine, this was the first dish I tried after landing in Rome. Tossed with black pepper, the most signature dishes have the most simplest ingredients. Have a glass of wine to go with it.

Gelato: Come to Italy and didn’t had a gelato? How can it be? Whatever the weather be gelatos are found in every corner and as I tasted mine in the streets of Venice, I could say the texture is smoother than ice-cream. Gelatos are basically served in cups or cones and can be found in variety of flavors. You can also add different scoops of different flavors in your cup.

Its cold but still need to have a gelato

Tiramisu: Another favorite of mine, made with cake and cream, Tiramisu is a dessert which can also be found served in glasses. Like Gelatos Tiramisu are also found everywhere in Italy.

Italian Coffee: You are in the birthplace of signature coffee which all coffee chains are now selling so whats better to taste the brew here? Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato I tried and dunked every variety. However what I understood is that the Italian coffee is drank a bit lukewarm unlike here where it is served piping hot. Whatever it be, it tasted divine.

Italian cakes and pastry

Zeppole: Another Italian desert, it was traditionally made to commemorate St. Joseph’s Day , the dough is shaped into balls and fried or baked and then served with a swirl of creme patisserie and a cherry glace. This desert is found throughout Naples.

Risotto: The signature rice dish of Italian cuisine, it is basically cooked with stock over slow cooking to give the flavors it is infused with, the most famous being the saffron infused risotto. Did u know Italy is the largest rice producer of the world and being an Indian and a voracious rice eater, I love risotto like anything

SO next time if you are in Italy you will fall in love with the food as much as with the place

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